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It all started years ago with a passionate football fan – a different football fan – that has as its priority in the sport the football out of the box. Oceania caught his attention and after days and days of research he had found out little about the football played in the entire region. But why it had to be so?

Coming from Brazilthe land of football – the skills of Michel Hmaé, Osea Vakatalesau, Ivan Vicelich, Moise Poida and Reginald Davani seemed to him something much more interesting than the mainstream. Although with the little information found, it was enough to caught all his passion.

After to get tired to go from site-to-site looking for videos, results, standings or any reliable info about football around the Pacific he decided to go himself to the job – but not alone.

At first Oceania Football Center had only the goal to unite people to discuss and share knowledge regarding Oceania football. Rapidly many members got interested to join the group and in January, 2019 the page in Facebook was created. Himself and more friends from various parts of the world – Brazil, Netherlands, South Korea, England, just to mention a little – engaged into the idea to help the development of football in the Pacific.

After reaching a reasonable number of followers in the social media, the administrators of the page decided to go one step ahead and create a website to concentrate the biggest amount of info regarding the beautiful game in the beautiful Oceania.

Since its creation, Oceania Football Center is being engaged in many fronts to auxiliate the development of the game in the region: since creating video highlights of players until helping semi-pro and amateur teams in their administration duties. OFCe understands the importance of spreading info for development of the game and its first aim is to keep all the football world informed about what is happening of best in the Pacific region. The central motivation is to link the world to Oceania football and estimulate the practice of the game in the islands, helping in all possible areas to upgrade the quality of the football played.

The passion drives everyone working here. Uniting the football love we all have and the desire to see all nations playing better and better, we wish to contribute and create a decisive impact for the development of the game in the pacific.

Sincerely yours,
Oceania Football Center


The importance of media in football

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