Terry Stephenson answers PNGFA contact

Oceania Football Center wrote an article about Terry Stephenson that called the attention of local people. The 18 years old player was born in Lae, Papua New Guinea. The repercussion of this article was so big that it reached Papua New Guinea Football Association. After Terry Stephenson told Oceania Football Center that he could beContinue reading “Terry Stephenson answers PNGFA contact”

Tommy Semmy: a story of a hardworker

To achieve success in any areas of our lives we really need to battle to reach the expectations we have. Although not always our efforts can guarantee us our aims, without trying the best we can we are surely not going to obtain what we are hoping for. The football world might be cruel forContinue reading “Tommy Semmy: a story of a hardworker”

Nigel Dabinyaba joins Malaita Kingz in Telekom S-League

Very important news for the Solomon Islands top tier – Telekom S-League – were released today: the prominent Papua New Guinean international Nigel Dabinyaba is set to join Malaita Kingz for the second round of the S-League. Dabinyaba will join the also Papua New Guinean internationals Emmanuel Simon and Michael Foster in the team coachedContinue reading “Nigel Dabinyaba joins Malaita Kingz in Telekom S-League”