Tony Kaltack: following Kensi Tangis steps in S-League

Tony Kaltack is having a brilliant start in Solomon Islands. The Ni-Van forward already scored 9 goals S-League, helping Solomon Warriors to reach the second place right after Henderson Eels.

Tony Kaltack is the current S-League top scorer.

It’s not the first time that we see a Ni-Van forward scoring a lot of goals and being important for Solomon Warriors. Kensi Tangis also had a great time while playing in Lawson Tama Stadium.

Currently playing for Galaxy FC in Vanuatu, Tangis had good seasons in Solomon Islands, specially his last one there. He was the 2018-19 S-League top scorer with 23 goals in 13 matches and also scored two goals in 2019 OFC Champions League campaign.

Kensi Tangis playing for Solomon Warriors

We can’t assure that Tony Kaltack will be as successful as Kensi Tangis, but his beginning is very promising and the 23 years old forward is ready to shine as much as he does in Vanuatu National Team!

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