Keana’s dream: is it over or just postponed?

The dream of playing a FIFA World Cup is over for Maxwell Keana. He was ruled out of U17 squad just two weeks before Solomon Islands’ debut in the World Cup that’s going to be held in Brazil.

The 17 years old midfielder failed to a medical test which the whole squad underwent in a hospital in Honiara. He will stay in his country while his National Team mates will live his dream. He was part of the brilliant Solomon Islands’ squad that finished as OFC U16 Championship runner-up.

Maxwell Keana scored one goal in 2018 OFC U16 Championship

We hope Keana get well soon to show us his talent with Kossa and come back to National Team. He’s a talented player and surely will have more opportunities in Solomon Islands squads. Maybe his dream isn’t over, but just postponed, once he’s part of a bright generation of SI football and he’ll have the possibility to play a World Cup in the future.

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