Port Vila Premier League kicks-off

The wait is finally over and Port Vila Premier League is back with a lot of goals! Come with us and see what happened in the first gameweek of PVFA PL.

Erakor Golden Star 3-0 Tupuji Imere (WO)

The kick off wasn’t kicked off actually. Tupuji Imere didn’t turn up for the match due to team vice-president’s mother death. They’ve sent a postponement request for PVFA but the forfeit info, for now, stands since some managers, media and even important players mentioned the postponement wasn’t done in time for Tupuji Imere. Erakor Golden Star was initially awarded with the three points. Let’s wait for the next days to confirm if this match will be played or not.

Galaxy FC 14-0 Yatel

As we previewed, Yatel wasn’t a challenge for Galaxy FC. With a massive win and a great performance, the blues smashed Yatel by 14-0 and takes the lead of PVFA Premier League. Kensi Tangis scored four goals and is the current league top scorer. Roberson and James Naka scored three goals each.

Kensi Tangis scored four goals and is the current league top scorer

Ifira Black Bird 2-0 Mauwia

Jean-Marie Manuriki and Olsen Sia scored one goal each to guarantee three points for Ifira BB against recent promoted Mauwia.

Tafea 2-0 Sia-Raga

Tafea’s title goalscorer in Port Vila Opening Cup final against Galaxy FC, Jordy Tasip came back to Vanuatu after U23 OFC Championship and showed why he deserves to be a National Team player. The young forward scored twice to give Tafea their first three points in the league. He’s really becoming an important player for Tafea!

Jordy Tasip scored a brace and helped Tafea to overcome Sia-Raga.

Next week matches:
Galaxy vs Mauwia
Tupuji Imere vs Sia-Raga
Tafea vs Yatel
Ifira Black Bird vs Erakor Golden Star

Take a look in the current league standings and the goalscorers:

League Standings

Top Scorers
🇻🇺 Kensy Tangis (Galaxy) – 4
🇸🇧 James Naka (Galaxy) – 3
🇧🇷 Roberson (Galaxy) – 3
🇻🇺 Jordy Tasip (Tafea) – 2

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