Port Vila Premier League – Week 4 Preview

Port Vila Premier League fourth round begins on this Friday with a match between Ifira Black Bird and Yatel. Oceania Football Center brings a preview for the weekend’s round in Vanuatu!


Ifira Black Bird looks for another win while they remain unbeaten. They are also the only team that have not conceded a goal in this Premier League. Despite being favourites they are going to face a determined Yatel who is focused on winning their first match in this league. Both teams clashed in Opening Cup group stage and Ifira BB won by 3-0. Will they win again or Yatel can break the predictions?

Ifira Black Bird squad


Galaxy wants to retake the lead of the league after a 2-2 draw against Erakor Golden Star last weekend. Sia-Raga is being a competitive team this season and can be an interesting challenge for Galaxy but they are going to have a difficult mission of stopping Galaxy’s attacking. Kensi Tangis, James Naka, Roberson, Henry Namatak, Gabriel and Bong Kalo are hungry to score more goals and beat Sia-Raga.

Galaxy squad against Erakor Golden Star


Two winless teams looking for a win. Mauwia has just scored one goal so far while Tupuji Imere have not netted yet. Both teams are desperated for three points in order to avoid relegation. Can Tupuji Imere finally score and win or Mauwia will take the three points home?

Tupuji Imere squad against Yatel


The biggest clash of this weekend! Erakor Golden Star showed to Galaxy that they are a real contender to win Premier League after an amazing 2-2 draw last weekend. Tafea currently leads the league with three win in three matches and they really want to remain on top leaving Galaxy behind. Tafea and Erakor also clashed in Opening Cup group stage and Tafea won by 2-0. Players and coaching staff are aware it is a very difficult match for them but they are ready for the challenge. “The game against Erakor is not going to be easy, Erakor has improved and play much better then during the Opening cup.” said Robert Calvo, Tafea’s manager. Can Erakor Golden Star hold Tafea to get even closer to the title’s race?

Erakor Golden Star squad against Galaxy

There are also four matches of First Division (Second tier) this weekend
Seveners United vs Easton (played on Thursday)
Shepherds United vs North Efate United
United Malampa vs AS Ambassador
Mauriki vs Pango Green Bird

Oceania Football Center wishes good luck too all teams in this weekend!


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