Two exhibition matches for Tahiti to train for the Beach Soccer World Cup

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The Tiki Toka have played 2 exhibitions matches in this week againt the US. They have played to prepare the next Beach Soccer World Cup that its been take in Paraguay the next 21st of november.


In the first match, which was played at the Parc Aorai tini Hau, the tahitian team won the game 5-4 in the additional time. It was the US that scored first, at second minute, with its captain Nick Perera. At the 8th minute he also scored his second goal. And at the 10th minute US scored its third goal of this first half, with Lucas Roque. Few minutes later this first half finished with this astonishing partial result: US vs Tahiti 3-0.

But remember that these are exhibitions matches, so the Tiki Toa used them to try different solutions on the sand pitch.

In the second half Heimanu Taiarui, Tahiti captain, sounded the charge for his team and scored from the center field. Then Ariihau Teriitau reduced the distances between the 2 teams with his head on a corner kick then with Raimana Li Fung Kuee he took the draw.

But Lucas Roche scored his second goal and he put his team again at the top of the match. Tahitian players tried many times to score and made a very tough forcing to make it so when the end was approaching they gained the drae again with Taiarui. The score was a draw at the end of the regulare time and the 2 team started another additional half time of 3 minutes. Heiarii Tavanae setted on fire the crowd of the Aorai Tini Hau Arena scoring the winning goal. Heimanu Taiarui, talked with the press after the match: «The most important in this game it’s the mentality. You can go down 3-0 but it’s never over because you can score 3 goals in a minute. This is beach soccer.» continued Taiarui. «We had a bit of pression, it’s normal. This was our first match with all the players. This is a new team, with a a lot of young people, and i’m very proud how we win this game.»


The second match was taken off on Fryday the 1st at Parc Aorai Tini Hau à 16h. This was the last exhibition match for the Tiki Toa before they go to the Beach Soccer World Cup. This time the Tiki Toa won 5-2. The first half tiem tiers was played well by both teams and the US scored first with Alessandro Canale. Ariihau Teriitau scored for Tahiti a the 10th minute. In the second half time Tahiti finally began to impose their game style on the US. The americans only scored a goal to answer the tahitians who scored 2 goals with Heimanu Taiarui and 1 with Heiarii Tavanae. The last goal was scored on the third half timeby Heirauarii Salem on 32nd minute. The Tiki Toa are now ready to partecipate to the World Cup and we hope that they can at least reapeat the second place they bringed home in the last world cup they partecipate in 2017.


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