The Tahitian AS Vénus is ready for the 7th round of the Coupe de France

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Here we are! The Fédération Française de Football called the AS Venus for the 7th round of the Coupe de France. The game will be done saturday the 16th of November. The AS Venus, which is the current Champion of Ligue Vini 1, will face le Racing Besançon, which is actually 6th in National 3, the fift divion of french fooball. Their current coach is Jean-Marc TRINITA.

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The Racing Besançon is the second most important team in France-Compte region, after Sochaux FC. It’s actually the team which holds the record of consecutives seasons in D2: 41 seasons with 1428 matches. The 1st of July 1986 the RCFC (Racing Club Franc-Comtois Besançon) became the actually BRC (Besançon Racing Club). It’s playing in the Léo Legrange stadium. This man needs some words. He was a very important man in french history. He was born in Bourg-sur-Gironde the 28th november 1900 and he grew in scouting associations. Then he took part in the Front Populaire governement ( with the charge of deputy minister in Sport and leisure. He was a socialist who really belevies in young people and freedom. He died the day the nazists invaded french defending armed his land. So it’s very rimarkable that a stadium it’s entitled to him.

(Léo Legrange when he was Deputy Minister)

But let’s describe our preferred team, The AS Vénus. It’s a very old club, founded in 1945 in Mahina, in Ile du Vent which are of the 5 groups of islands of the Polynesians Islands. The As Vénus is the second most important tahitian club after AS Central Sport. It won 2 Ligue 1 Vini titles and 8 Coupe de Polynésie. It also won 3 times the OFC Champions League and its qualified for the 2020 edition. After 5 rounds of the Ligue 1 Vini, As Venus, it’s a the first position in the championship.

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The game will be played at the Stade Pater Te Hono Nui in Pirae, Tahiti. It’s the tahitian national stadium and 15.000 can assist the match. We all really hope that AS Venus can bring home a win and go straight on in the Coupe de France!


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