Tafea draws and shares first position with Ifira Black Bird

The PVFA Premier League’s Week 5 is over. Four matches were played in Port Vila top division and Oceania Football Center brings a review of each match for you! The biggest news come from the top because Ifira Black Bird is now tied with Tafea in the first position.


Sia-Raga and Yatel drew in a controversy match on Friday. The goals were netted by Mansen Jacob (Yatel) and Sine Jesino (Sia-Raga). Sia had two goals disallowed by referees but according to local sources one of the goals was wrongly disallowed. “Yatel FC has a totally new team compare to the past 4 games it played. We played our game for 90mins and converted two other goals that were disallowed. We leave that aside and will train harder for next game” said Sia-Raga assistant coach Vaagahu Harper. Yatel is still looking for their first win in the Premier League while Sia remains in the fifth position with seven points.

Sia-Raga players


Ifira Black Bird won to remain unbeaten in the league. They are the new league leaders with eleven points alongside Tafea. This match marked the debut of Mahit Ollie and John Welwel that came on loan from Vaum United. The goals were scored by Sam Kalter, Maso Tasso, Aron Spokey and Talipo Taiwia. “Despite the result, the match was challenging and tough” said Jonathan Spokeyjack. Tupuji Imere still struggles to win games and they are losing important points that are letting them far from the top teams – “We are still trying to shape our team, eight of our players went for RSE in Australia and New Zealand […] New players arrived but we need to play more games together” said Tupuji player Elkington Molivakarua.

Ifira Black Bird squad against Tupuji Imere


Mauwia lost again and they remain on the bottom of the table with zero points. This result helped Erakor to overcome Galaxy and they are now in the third position with nine points. Despite the win it was expected that Erakor could score more goals “We missed many changes” said Jackson Tasso, Erakor Golden Star’s captain. It was a harsh game for Tasso once he left the game with a injury in his right foot after a tough foul committed by a Mauwia’s player. The referee pointed the foul but he did not show yellow card to the fouler. Kaltfer Kaltack scored a beautiful free kick for Erakor while Ellie Thomas netted the other goal to seal the 2-0 win.

Jackson Tasso (first player in yellow) got injured against Mauwia


The most awaited clash of the weekend ended with a 0-0 draw. Tafea lost Waiwo Kalmet who was sent off in the beginning of the second half so Tafea had to play with 10 men for a long time “After Waiwo Kalmet’s red card Tafea had to defend almost the whole second half and had few attempts on counter attack with Jordy Tasip giving some scares to Galaxy defense” said Tafea’s manager Robert Calvo. Even with one more player in the pitch, Galaxy did not manage to score “Galaxy had many opportunities but we missed them. There was a penalty for Galaxy that was not awarded by the referees after a Tafea player’s handball inside the box” said Gabriel. Tafea did a good job by holding Galaxy to a 0-0 draw “The match was not easy for both teams, Galaxy had few attempts saved by Tafea’s goalkeeper James Iamar” pointed Calvo. It is also important to note that Galaxy had a disallowed goal, according to the referee the player who sent the ball to the nets was in offside position.

It was the last match of a rainy gameweek. Port Vila Stadium already has a bad grass and the rain made everything worse “The pitch was terrible” said Calvo.

Galaxy is currently in the fourth position while Tafea is sharing the lead with Ifira Black Bird.

Tafea squad against Galaxy

You can check the league standings and top goalscorers by clicking here


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