Sarpreet Singh begins to shine in Germany

Bayern Münich II won Magdeburg by 2-1 in the 15th round of 3.Bundesliga, the third tier of football in Germany. Both goals were scored by Sarpreet Singh. The young New Zealanders is beginning to show why he was signed by Bayern Münich, one of the greatest football teams of the world.

After taking part of Bayern’s main squad earlier in the season, Singh was moved to the second team on August to have more opportunities to show his potential. He already played 11 matches for Bayern II, scoring four goals and delievering five assists according to Transfermarkt.

Singh knows the importance of playing at a good level in Bayern II if he wants to be promoted to the first team –“If you’re in the second team of Bayern you want to push up and try and get an opportunity with the first team. But in order to do that it’s not easy. They’re Bayern Munich for a reason. They’re one of the world’s best teams so you have to be consistent every single day and be the best player you can be. If you’re doing that then I think opportunities will come for sure. But it’s easier said than done.” he said to Stuff NZ.

You can watch all Sarpreet Singh goals in 3.Liga in the videos below:

VIDEO 1 (FROM 1:40 TO 1:54)

VIDEO 2 (FROM 1:27 TO 1:40)

VIDEO 3 (FROM 0:45 TO 1:18 – FROM 1:37 TO 2:09)

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