ES Wacaele is relegated; Trio Kedeigne stills has a chance to keep at Mobil Super Ligue

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The catch-up match between Trio Kedeigne and AS Mont-Dore was played this weekend at Stade Hnassé in Lifou. Trio Kedeigne was looking for a win or a draw to keep their chances to avoid relegation alive in the first tier of football in New Caledonia. AS Mont-Dore could still grab the thid place in the table despite not having a season their fans expected.

ES Wacaele awaited the match to know their fate and the outcome was the worst possible for them: they are relegated to the second-tier of football in New Caledonia, they will be back to the Championnat de Maré – the proccess of promotion to Mobil Super Lige, the top-tier, is divided into the regions in New Caledonia. Trio Kedeigne could avoid a direct relegation drawing in 1-1 against AS Mont-Dore at home – a result that was good for both sides, since Trio avoided the relegation and Mont-Dore finished third in the standings.

A imagem pode conter: 6 pessoas, pessoas praticando esportes, grama e atividades ao ar livre
ES Wacaele could not avoid relegation this season – MSL Media

Despite the good news for Trio Kedeigne and their fans in Lifou, they still have a chance to be relegated if they can not win the playoff-relegation match against a club from the lower division that is yet to be known. You can see the final standings released by FCF clicking here.

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