Ifira Black Bird’s lead increases in Port Vila Premier League

The PVFA Premier League’s Week 6 is over. Four matches were played in Port Vila top division and Oceania Football Center brings a review of each match for you! Scroll down and check it!


In a very important clash in the top of the table, Ifira Black Bird took advantage over Tafea in a very poor match to grab three more points and increase their lead in Port Vila Premier League. The only goal of the match was scored by Junior Vava with a header after a corner kick. Tafea came to this match with a very different starting eleven compared to other matches and it surely contributed to their defeat. Tafea is now in the third position because Galaxy won Yatel and took the second position from them.

Ifira Black Bird starting eleven against Tafea. Source: Vanuatu Sport


Yatel proved they can be a competitive team once again to get their first win in this season. Erakor had some absent players and they could not avoid the defeat against Yatel. The goals were scored by Barhomaal Lolo and Mansen Jacob to take Yatel to the sixth position in the league, overcoming Tupuji Imere. Erakor is now in the fourth position.

Yatel starting eleven against Erakor Golden Star. Source: Vanuatu Sport


Mauwia finally took home some points in Port Vila Premier League. After a 1-0 in favour of Sia-Raga in the first half – scoreline opened by Talasia Sau – Mauwia found the necessary inner strenght to get a comeback in the second half. Yannick Albert scored to tie the game and Alfred Adams scored a penalty kick in the late second half. Albert managed to net another goal to give Mauwia the win against Sia-Raga. Despite the win Mauwia is still in the last place with three points while Sia-Raga is in fifth with seven points.

Yannick Albert (left) coach Michel Kalo (middle) and Alfred Adams (right) from Mauwia FC. Source: Vanuatu Sport


After three matches without winning Galaxy FC finally rediscovered the path to win. Bong Kalo opened the scoreboard with a penalty kick goal and he scored a second goal in the upcoming minute to help his team to overcome Tupuji Imere by 2-0. This result helped Galaxy to climb two positions in the league standings to stay in the second position with eleven points.

Galaxy players celebrating a goal scored by Bong Kalo. Source: Galaxy FC official page in Facebook

You can check the current league standings and the top goalscorers by clicking here.

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