Measles outbreak affects once again football activities

The serious problem in Pacific keeps creating many problems: the measles outbreak already affected a lot the sport in the region – stopping football activities in Samoa that lead to the forced final of the national league awarding the title to the current leader of the table when the league needed to stop and as well not allowing the Tonga Futsal national team to play their two final games of the OFC Futsal Nations Cup held in New Caleonia in the last October.

Now the news come from the Oceania Football Confederation: they are forced to postpone once again the U17 Women’s Championship that was scheduled to be held in Tahiti this December. OFC said they will be arranging new schedules in partnership with Tahiti Football Federation in order to play the championship in the next year. “The decision was made following new advice provided by health authorities in Tahiti regarding the risks associated with the spreading of the measles virus across the Pacific, and recommendations to cancel travel to French Polynesia in case of a person’s vaccination status is not known“, says the Football Confederation.

Image result for ofc u16 women's championship
A match during the last edition of the championship – OFC Media

The postponement of the tournament will allow the staff and players of the teams taking part in the tournament to meet the recommendations of the health Tahitian authorities, also mentions OFC.

Oceania Football Center, alongside the Confederation and all health authorites in Oceania advise the community to vaccinate in order to finish this outbreak that is letting the region very worried.


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