Keana case – Episode #03: the suspension

Episode #01: damaging his own career
Episode #02: What is behind

It is being reported by local sources that Maxwell Keana is suspended from all Solomon Islands Football Federaton (SIFF) football activities including Telekom S-League matches. The suspension began on Tuesday, 26th November. Local sources are also reporting that SIFF lodged a criminal complaint for falsification and fraud against him.

Maxwell Keana playing in the OFC U16 Championship

As it was reported by Oceania Football Center in the second episode, Joel “Puia” Konofilia said Keana is going to be in England next year. It is currently impossible to know if it is true or not but now Konifilia has the perfect reason to do it – and that is what he was waiting for.

The biggest remaining question that surrounds the situation is reaction of the English football academy when they receive a player with this bad background.


6 thoughts on “Keana case – Episode #03: the suspension

  1. A lot of footballers in Solomon Islands need to learn from these episode.
    A lot birth certificates being had fabricated to falsify documents enable players to play to win tournaments and championships, Its a common practice in the country.
    Football managers/ coaches and official knew all have lied.
    This common in the Solomon Islands.


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