Three teams fighting for the lead in Port Vila Premier League

The Port Vila Premier League’s ninth matchweek is going to be played this weekend in Port Vila Stadium, Vanuatu. After some exciting matches last weekend, fans are expecting more and more once the tournament is coming to its end because there are three teams fighting for the title. Scroll down and check the preview for this weekend’s games.


Last Meeting: Galaxy 10-0 Mauwia

After a bad streak Galaxy finally came back to the victorious pathway by beating Yatel. Galaxy management is keeping the team’s preparation for 2020 OFC Champions League. Their weekend’s opponent is Mauwia that is living a good moment after winning their first match in the league.

This match will also mark Gabriel’s farewell. The brazilian player is leaving Galaxy FC and it is going to be his last game for the Blues. On the other hand Gagame Feni has arrived but he might not play this weekend.

Mauwia wants to get some points from this match to get closer to Yatel and Sia-Raga while Galaxy needs to win in order to keep fighting for the league’s title.

Gabriel will play his last match for Galaxy. Source: Galaxy FC Media


Last Meeting: Tupuji Imere 0-4 Sia-Raga

Tupuji Imere is facing a terrible moment in the league. They were overtaken by Mauwia and they are now in the eighth and last position in the standings. At least Tupuji Imere is managing to score some goals – they scored twice against Tafea and once against Erakor Golden Star – but it is not being enough to win because they are suffering many goals – Twenty in eight matches.

Azariah Soromon arrived to lead Tupuji’s attack but he scored only one goal so far. They won only one match in this current league season and they need to get three points in order to fight against relegation.

Sia-Raga also needs to win this match in order to keep the fifth position – their last win was against Galaxy in the fourth matchweek.

Azariah Soromon playing for Vanuatu U23 National Team. Source: OFC Media


Last Meeting: Tafea 3-1 Yatel

Tafea had a golden chance to take the lead the last weekend but they did not manage to win Sia-Raga. Now they have an important challenge against Yatel and they can not think about losing points this weekend – “We have to win this match to be in a safe position” said Tafea’s player Bob Jeffery.

Yatel lost to Galaxy last Friday but they are being a good challenger. Tafea might not have an easy life against them but if they want to win the league they need to overcome their opponents “Things are going well, we are prepared” – said Tafea’s defender Junior Felix.

This match is very important for both teams: Tafea can take the lead while Yatel may overtake Sia-Raga and Erakor after this matchweek.

Tafea squad against Sia-Raga. Source: Vanuatu Sport


Last meeting: Ifira Black Bird 0-0 Erakor Golden Star

Erakor faced some difficult moments in the past weeks with some absent players like Jason Thomas who went to New Zealand to play 2019 Pacific Cup for Lautoka. Their head coach, Mr. Kalo Noel Benjamin, is also absent due to personal reasons and Timothy Wayane is being Erakor’s caretaker during his absence.

With these absences Erakor Golden Star arrives to the ninth matchweek to face Ifira Black Bird, the current league leaders. Despite all problemas, Erakor can surely be a tough challenge for Ifira just like they did in their last meeting – a 0-0 draw in the second matchweek of the season.

Galaxy and Tafea are very interested in this clash because a Ifira’s loss might mean a change on the top of the table.

Erakor and Ifira drew by 0-0 in their last meeting. Source: Erakor Golden Star Media

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