OFC Futsal Champions League: Kooline unstoppable, AFF in trouble

The second gameday of OFC Futsal Champions League is over. Each team played two matches this Friday.

Kooline and AS PTT won both matches while Suva and D’York Street lost both games. AFF won the first match but they could not beat Kooline in their second match of the day. AS Pirae had a major blow losing to AS PTT by 6-5 in a breathtaking match but they thrashed Suva to get the fourth position.

Current standings

Hosts AFF Futsal is in the third position with a difficult mission to get into the top two to make the final match. All teams are going to play five matches in the first stage. The last two games of each team will take place this Saturday.

Check the full table and top scorers by clicking here.


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