North New Georgia wins Western Cup

The 2019 Western Cup is over! Eighteen teams took part of this important championship in Solomon Islands’ Western Province fighting for the title and the 50 thousand Solomon Islands dollar prize.

The teams were split in four groups and forty matches were playing throughout two weeks full of emotions.

Gizo Hawks ruled the Group A and won their knockout matches against West Morovo and Noro Town to reach the final match while North New Georgia won all their games in the tournament to face Gizo Hawks in the final.

In a tough clash, North New Georgia has beaten Gizo Hawks by 2-1 to win the championship and take 50 thousand Solomon Islands Dollars home. Runners-up Gizo Hawks were awarded with 20 thousand Solomon Islands Dollars.

North New Georgia wins 2019 Western Cup. Source: Western Football Association Media

You can check the group stage standings and knockout stage results by clicking here. Oceania Football Center congratulates all participants specially the winners.

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