Kossa moves up to fourth in Telekom S-League

After a weekend without any match, Telekom S-League is back with two midweek clashes that affected the middle of the league standings. Scroll down and check what happened in these two matches!


Huge losses are not big news when it is about Real Kakamora. They were hammered again to remain in the last position with zero points. Harrison Mala was the topscorer of the match with four goals scored while some young players like Javin Wae (2), Adrian Mara (1) and Charlie Mani (1) also scored. Joachim Waroi netted the remaining goal. Kossa is now in the fourth position with 20 points.


It ended as it has started, 0-0. A very bad result for both teams. This draw ended Isabel’s winning run as they now have Kossa just two points behind them. Marist remains in the sixth position with 17 points and they missed a huge opportunity to overtake Malaita Kings to stay in the fifth position.


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