Galaxy FC test new players against Tafea

As it was previously reported, Galaxy FC was supposed to play against Tafea on this Wednesday at Korman Stadium (Vanuatu) to test some new players in order to decide their final squad for 2020 OFC Champions League group stage that will take place in February at Papua New Guinea.

2020 OFC Champions League schedule
Galaxy FC: pursuing the domination of Ni-Van football

Differently of what was reported some days ago, it was not friendly match. The winner would take home a trophy and a 100.000 Vatu (local currency) prize – something like 900 dollars.

The match did not start well for Galaxy FC. One of the tested players, defender Alphonse Lency got injured in the tenth minute of the first half and he was replaced by Yvong August.

Lency (in the middle) leaving the field after getting injured

Things got even worse for Galaxy when the referee pointed a penalty kick in favour of Tafea. Galaxy’s goalkeeper Seiloni Iaruel saved the penalty kick but the referee has ordered to retake it and defender Junior Felix scored to put Tafea ahead. Galaxy got their own back when Bong Kalo netted a penalty kick in the late minutes of first half to tie the match at one.

The second half started just like the first one for Galaxy: with bad news. Yvong August – who replaced injured Alphonse Lency – was sent off and the Blues needed to play with just ten men in the pitch. However as it was not an official match, Galaxy was allowed to place another player in order to keep themselves with eleven players in the pitch but it was not enough to win. John Thomas scored Tafea’s winning goal in the stoppage time.

Tafea’s captain Bob Jeffery receiving the trophy and the cash prize

There were also two other awards delievered in this match: The best goal scored that was awarded to Tafea’s player John Thomas and the best playear award won by Galaxy’s goalkeeper Seiloni Iaruel who made lots of important saves throughout the match.

Thomas (left) and Iaruel (right) receiving their awards

Oceania Football Center congratulates both teams.


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