Ligue 1 and Coupe de Polynésie: the football week in Tahiti

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The week of football in Tahiti had very important clashes for the first tier of football in the nation (Ligue 1 Vini) and the top club cup in Tahiti, the Coupe de Polynésie.

In the last weekened, the both sides that will compete at OFC Champions League in 2020, AS Vénus and Tiare Tahiti, faced each other in the contetion. AS Vénus pulled ahead in the first half but, but the team in green comanded by the striker Sandro Tau scored twice in the final part of the game to give Tiare Tahiti a famous victory at Stade Pater.

AS Vénus and AS Tiare Tahiti clashed in Tahiti. Source: FPF

Despite the defeat, the current national champions that have Teaonui Tehau as key player continues in the leadership of the league. You can check the full standings by clicking here.

In the other mtches of the round, AS Manu Ura recovered themselves with a fantastic home win against AS Central Sport ny 3-2 and AS Dragon surpassed at home AS TAC by the same scoreline as Manu Ura.

AS Pirae comanded by Raimana Li Fung Kuee found no dificulties to beat AS Jeunes Tahitiens by huge margin of 7-0 at Stade Pater. Olympic Mahina that suffered a very harsh defeat in the previous against Pirae, stunned the powerhouse AS Tefana in Mahina by 4-3.

The Ligue 1 Vini will be back only in January 2020 now – you can see highlights of the games and expectances for the next rounds here. Despite the lack of league football in 2019, the Coupe de Polynésie will continue to be played during the week in the 2nd round of the competition.

During the week AS Tiare Anani lost to AS Manu Ura by 5-1, so the current members of the Ligue 1 Vini are qualified for the second round to face AS Venus in the next 21th December. AS Pirae also played a mid-week cup match and shown no mercy to the tiny AS Papara winning by 23-0 and qualifying themselves for the second round to face AS Mira.

AS Vénus had an unforgettable season in 2018/2019 and will look to defend the national honours they won – the cup and the ligue.


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