Port Vila Premier League return is not scheduled yet

As it was already reported, Port Vila Premier League is off for holidays. However there is no scheduled dates for the league’s return yet.

Vanuatu Football Federation (VFF) has released a new tournament that is going to be played in January: the 2020 National League Championship that is going to count on eight teams (one from each football association in the country). There are two teams already qualified for this competition: Galaxy from Port Vila and Malampa Revivors from Luganville.

Galaxy FC squad. Source: Galaxy FC Media

This tournament is going to be a preparation for both teams once OFC Champions League group stage will be played between February and March. So Galaxy, one of the teams that is fighting for the title in 2019-20 Port Vila Premier League is going to have a full schedule in the first months of the upcoming year.

Having this situation in mind, there are four possibilities:
• PVFA may postpone all Galaxy’s league matches and they will play them after the Champions League but it can affect the title race directly because Ifira Black Bird and Tafea will have played their matches before the end of OFC Champions League group stage;
• PVFA may postpone all Port Vila Premier League matches in order to not affect the title’s race;
• PVFA may anticipate Galaxy matches but it would also affect the title race because Tafea and Ifira Black Bird will play their final games after Galaxy ones;
• PVFA may not change anything in their calendar but it might be very harmful for Galaxy’s preparation because the high number of matches played.

PVFA should release a statement talking about this situation in order to clarify all doubts and show they can organize a football league properly. Oceania Football Center is keeping up with the situation in order to bring all updates about it.


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