Roy Krishna scores twice but ATK can not win Hyderabad

After a 2-1 loss against FC Goa, ATK traveled to Telangana state to face Hyderabad in the ninth matchweek of 2019-20 Indian Super League looking for a win to recover from last weekend’s loss. This match marked Mandi Sosa’s debut for ATK.

The first minutes were very tough with many heavy fouls and one yellow card for Hyderabad. In the 12th minute the referee awarded a penalty kick to ATK due to a handball but the ball has actually touched Hyderabad player’s chest. The wrong decision made Hyderabad players very angry. Roy Krishna did not care about the complainings and opened the scoreboard by converting the penalty.

The ball has clearly touched player’s chest

Another controversial move happened in the 22nd minute when the ball hit the arm of an ATK’s defender. Hyderabad players asked for a penalty but the touch was outside the box. Hyderabad reached the equality when brazilian forward Bobô scored a beautiful header to tie the match before the break.

The second half started in a high voltage. ATK almost scored in the first minute with Jobby Justin but his header passed some centimeters above the crossbar. In a match full of controversial moments, Hyderabad saw the referee denying for them in the 64th minute. You can see the picture below and take your own conclusions:

Hyderabad fought hard but they could reach the win until the 84th minute when Bobô netted another header to give them the 2-1 lead. However ATK still managed to tie the match. After a wrong long pass ATK won an aerial duel and the ball arrived to Roy Krishna that lobbed the goalkeeper to score his second goal in the 90th minute. After the final whistle the score was 2-2. You can check the highlights by clicking here.

Roy Krishna scored in the final minutes. Source: ATK Official Media

Krishna has now eight goals scored in nine matches. ATK is currently in the second position with 15 points.


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