Coupe de Tahiti-Nui: AS Vénus still alive; AS Tiare Tahiti eliminates AS Dragon

The 2019-20 Coupe de Tahiti-Nui’s round of 16 is almost over. Seven matches were recently played and the remaining one will be contested on January 11.

Current champions AS Vénus faced AS-Manu Ura and they had some unexpected difficulties to beat their opponents by 1-0.

The biggest clash of the round was AS Tiare Tahiti 3-3 AS Dragon. Both teams are living good moments in the Ligue 1 – AS Tiare Tahiti is in 2nd while AS Dragon is in 3rd. After a tied match in the normal time, AS Tiare Tahiti won in the shootout by 4-2.

AS Tiare Tahiti players celebrating their win

The seven remaining teams for the quarter finals count on some surprises like AS Mataiea (Ligue 2) and AS Tohie’a (Ligue 2 Moorea). You can check all results in the picture below:


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