Nelson Sale Kilifa gets Ni-Vanuatu citizenship

Galaxy FC defender Nelson Sale Kilifa is now a citizen from Vanuatu. The 33 years old defender has been in Vanuatu for ten years married to a Ni-Vanuatu woman so he could ask for the Ni-Vanuatu passport. Nelson arrived in Vanuatu in 2009 to play for Amicale.

It means that Galaxy FC has one more spot available for foreign players in the 2020 OFC Champions League squadlist. According to OFC regulations each team can count on four foreign players. As Kilifa is not considered a foreign player anymore, Galaxy now counts on four foreign players: Gagame Feni, James Naka, Diego Máximo and Roberson.

Nelson Sale Kilifa is going to play OFC Champions League for the 12th time in his career. His first appearence in the continental championship was in 2005 when he played for Makuru FC from Solomon Islands.


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