Accusation of assault in S-League match

A very sad case happened in the last 14th December in Solomon Islands after a match between the 1st and 2nd placed teams in Telekom S-League season Solomon Warriors and Henderson Eels.

The Henderson Eels coach Eddie Marahare recently stated the Solomon Warriors player Molea Tigi assaulted his defender Derrick Taebo just after the game. Tigi and his supporters assaulted Taebo that was hit in the face several times – fortunately, nothing serious happened to the U17 Solomon Islands player.

Molea Tigi (left) and Derrick Taebo (right)

Marahare told Oceania Football Center there were exchange of some words during the game between the two players and after of the match the aggressions happened. “I do not know why he did that, I was very confused in that time. He said bad words to me in the pitch, but not me”, stated Derrick Taebo.

This incident was witnessed by people inside at the main gate Grand Stand side. The Eels management took this matter seriously and reported it immediately to SIFF & TSL Board for action after but as yet nothing was done and the player stills play for his club after the incident on their final match on 22nd December 2019“, said Eddie Marahare, the Henderson Eels head coach.

Until the present moment no sanctions were imposed to Tigi, the fans involved and his club. Although, the situation may not end like this: the Solomon Islands Football Federation technical director Moses Toata already responded to Eddie Marahare statement saying “I can confirm that SIFF has recieved the complain and is going to deal with the matter accordingly“. Toata also added that the case was not in discussions before due the Christmas and New Year Eve break the season in Solomon Islands had.

Molea Tigi already played three times for the national team and is doing a very good season for Solomon Warriors so far, that is close to celebrate a back-to-back national league title.


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