Raymond Gunemba: Ecuadorian players will boost Lae City

Lae City new players arrived in Papua New Guinea. Abdias Aguirre and Gustine Vergara came from Ecuador to play the 2020 OFC Champions League for them.

According to Lae City’s captain Raymond Gunemba these new players will increase the level of the team – “I believe that they are good players and they will really boost our team in the Champions League” – he said.

From left to right: Aguirre, Gunemba, Vergara and Nigel Dabinyaba.

Aguirre and Vergara are very young players and it is going to be the first time that they play for an overseas team. Both players do not speak English, but Lae City players are not having big communication issues – “We use a translate app so we can communicate with them” – explained Gunemba.

Lae is in the 2020 OFC Champions League Group B with Malampa Revivors (VAN), Henderson Eels (SOL) and Lautoka (FIJ) – the group will be hosted in Vanuatu.

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