Islanders observer #07 – Tommy Semmy

The seventh episode of Islanders Observer arrived! Oceania Football Center keep talking about the foreign islanders that are playing in 2019-20 ISPS Handa Permiership, the top national football league in Oceania. The penultimate episode is going to talk about a Papua New Guinean forward that is living a good moment at Hamilton Wanderers: Tommy Semmy.

Semmy arrived in New Zealand in 2017 to play for Hamilton Wanderers. It is the third season of the Papua New Guinean forward in the ISPS Handa Premiership. Semmy and Wanderers both had a slow start in the current season but things got better.

Tommy Semmy playing for Wanderers.

Wanderers are now in the third position in the league and Semmy is playing at a high level. He was named for ISPS Handa Premiership Team of the Week for two straight weeks: In the eighth and the ninth matchweek. He was also named the Player of the Week 9.

Semmy scored four goals in nine matches so far. He is the Papua New Guinean with most goals scored in the Premiership’s history.

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