Tahiti – Ligue 1 Vini: started the second phase. AS Venus made a large victory.

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(source FTF)
(source FTF)

This last week-end started the first championship day of the second phase of the Ligue 1 Vini and this time all the matches were played as they were scheduled. The former champion, the AS Venus, was the first team to play in this friday. They won the derby against the Olympique Mahina, which closes the actual ranking. Their victory was very lage, 8-0, thanks also to their famous captain, Teanoui Tehau, who scored 4 goals. Even though OM were well dominated by their opponent, they had a few chances in the first half, but the crossbar didn’t let them pass. The sang-bleus scored their first goal after few minutes that the game started. There was a free-kick just forward the centre-field. Teanoiu Tehau was there waiting for the ball and he scored. Tauhiti Keck scored 3 goals and Ariiura Labaste scored the last one. Yesterday evening the AS Venus won against AS Pirae in a top match of the League 1 Vini. It was a recovery match. They scored 4-0 and they confirmed their leadership at the top of the ranking.

On Saturday was played the much more of the matches. The AS Tiare Tahiti, the second of the ranking, and the AS Pirae, the third of the ranking, both the teams wanted to obtain the 3 points of the victory to stay close to AS Venus. With the two new recruits from Benin, Tiare Tahiti had to bounce back from a heavy defeat against AS Pirae that was coming 2 weeks ago, when they met AS TAC. The objective was obtained by Vatea Terai and its players thanks to two goals, one per half-time, against the players of the Presqu’ile.

The AS Tiare Tahiti

Then the AS Pirare played against Manu Ura. The game was tougher than all thougt. The AS Pirae won only for 1-0. If Pirae has the best attack in the championship with 41 goals scored in six games, AS Manu Ura has shown no fear. Pirae had to wait until the second half to score his only goal, thanks to Heirauarii Salem just before playtime.

AS Pirae vs Manu Ura (source FTF)

On Sunday, the last matches of this first day started with an AS Dragon victory against AS Central Sport. The two teams have new recruits in their workforce, Central with players from Canada, Dragon with Caledonians and the locals. But it was a veteran who made the difference. At the 19th minute the opening goal was scored by Roonui Tehau . Denji Kaiha, a former OM striker, scored for his new club in the 39th minute. Dragon had the opportunity to lead at the break, but the penalty kick taken by Raiamanu Tetauira was stopped by new Central goalkeeper, the canadian William Vandal. Entering the game at half-time, Caledonian Allan Hnyeikone scored a goal by the hour. AS Central Sport came back five minutes later when Jess Horoi scored a penalty. Gabriel Vakoume, who made himself indispensable to the Dragon defense center, received a second yellow card late in the game when he stopped the ball with his hand. Unfortunately for coach Frank Mathieu, AS Central could not benefit from the advantage and Dragon wins the game with 3 goals to 1.

Vandal stopping the penalty kick (source FTF)

The last match of the day was a crazy one between AS Jeunes Tahitien and AS Tefana, two teams desperate to climb the rankings. AS JT was completely effective in the first half, so they scored the first with a free kick and a penalty kick by William Voirin. AS Tefana responded after each goal with a double from Benoit Mathon. But to close to the first period, Yann Vivi looked for his own double and JT led 4-2. In the second period, Faa’a’s Greens and Yellows reduced the mark with their new recruit Jim Ouka with a nice long shot. A few seconds before the end, Tehauarii Holozet put an end to JT’s hope with a nice goal in equalizer in overtime. So a the end the game was a tie, 4-4.

One of Benoit Mathon goals (source FTF)

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