Le’ai and Kofana set to come back to New Zealand

Raphael Le’ai and Leon Kofana are ready to come back to New Zealand after playing for Henderson Eels on their vacations. They will take a flight to New Zealand on January 28 (tomorrow).

Both players still have one more year to play for Scots College. Their flights are being paid by Wellington Phoenix that holds a partnership wits Scots College.

Le’ai (left) and Kofana (right) playing for Henderson Eels. Source: SIFF Media

Le’ai is the current top scorer of 2019-20 Telekom S-League with 24 goals and Leon Kofana played an important role on Eels’ defense to qualify the team for 2020 OFC Champions League.

There are some rumours that both players might come back to play Champions League for Eels. However there is no official communication between Henderson Eels, Scots College and Wellington Phoenix.


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