Eddie Marahare: disappointed to lose S-League title by a forfeit

Henderson Eels finished the Telekom S-League as runners-up, being beaten once again by Solomon Warriors that sealed their title in their last match after beating Guadalcanal by a forfeit – the team just did not appear to face Warriors as they collect all three points from the clash.

Eels knew they needed a miracle to take the title for the first time, but they did their part in the process to keep their chances alive. Counting with the help of the wonderkid Raphael Lea’i that scored eleven goals in a single match against Real Kakamora, the team won the last-ranked side by 19-0. The importance of this result is shown in the table of the competition: the goal difference from Eels to Warriors were of 13 goals; Eels needed to surpass this number and hope Warriors lose to Guadalcanal to win the S-League season.

Henderson Eels coach Eddie Marahare was aware of how hard it would be for his team to overcome the difference and, especially, hope Warriors lose to Guadalcanal that won just one match in all season. The coach explained how his team could beat Kakamora for so big goal margin: “The difference [from Real Kakamora] is that we started training and prepared for the match as our trial match for the OFC championship for 3 weeks while for them they trained only for a week before the match“.

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Eddie Marahare, the Eels head coach – The Islands Sun News

Marahare expected the team to cut the deficit from Solomon Warriors and hope that Guadalcanal won the 1st placed team in the following day to celebrate the national glory. The bad news came when S-League media stated Guadalcanal lost the match by a forfeit to Warriors; sealing the back-to-back title for the red side. “A bit dissappointed, but just have to accept it anyway“, said Marahare. “They did the same thing on their final game last year. I just do not understand what happened to some of our local coaches. They want to coach national teams, but fail very badly to manage clubs. I should blame the coach for lack of proactiveness to involve people with money to support him“, added the head coach of Henderson Eels, blaming Guadalcanal for their forfeit in the second year in a row in the last match of S-League.

At the end of the day, Warriors celebrated their second straight title in the national league as they also qualified for 2020 OFC Champions League. Eels had also granted their spot in the regional tournament as they finished in the second place. Both teams will represent Solomon Islands in the competiton that will kick-off next month for the two sides.

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