Malakai Andrew and Junior Felix left Tafea

Current Port Vila Premier League leaders Tafea FC have a major blow for the second half of 2019-20 season because two important players that are going to work in Australia for a few months: attacking midfielder Malakai Andrew and central defender Junior Felix.

Malakai Andrew is one of the players that will not play the rest of the season for Tafea

Tafea will be in trouble to replace these two players and some others that left the team like midfielder Edisson Stephens (on loan to Galaxy) and Jeffery Bob that is not going to stay with the team for the rest of the season. It was reported that Tafea are going to count on youth players to complete the team.

Some remaining players like goalkeeper James Iamar, defender Gordshen Dona, midfielder John Thomas and fowards Jordy Tasip and Allista Kalip must play key roles in order to help the team in the 2019-20 Port Vila Premier League title race.


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