Atkin Kaua finishes trials in Europe

The Solomon Islands international Atkin Kaua that was undergoing trials in Europe is set to return his homeland after not securing a professional contract in Europe in his first stint in the continent. The player had issues with work permit, despite being accepted by one of the clubs the midfielder trialed with.

Kaua was in Malta, European country, since the middle of January where he landed to trial with 1st tier side Tarxien Rainbows. The midfieder got to know really the club and its training facilities and trained with the club for nearly a week. Then, the midfielder when to 2nd tier side Mqabba where he played a trial match to be evaluated by their staff. It seems Atkin was not succesful in those two opportunities, as he went for a third team to show his capabilities – St George’s FC also from the Maltese professional 2nd tier is where Atkin had his last stint in Europe.

Oceania Football Center talked to general manager of Laugu United FC Steven Ofo – the responsible for funding the travels of the player – stated that unfortunately bureaucracy not allowed Kaua to turn into the first Solomon Islands to sign a professional football contract in European continent. “There were good news for Kaua as he was accepted by Santa Verena FC from Malta, but he is not going to have enough time to get his work permit“, stated Ofo.

Oceania Football Center did not have access to St George’s FC response to Atkin Kaua trials, but as a fourth team stepped in the case we may assume he was not succesful as well in St George’s FC. The good news is the 3rd tier side Santa Verena was interested in the player and wanted to sign him, but the European transfer window finishes 1st February, 2020 and the Maltese league system has its last month of competiton in Abril, so they could not wait for Atkin. The work permit issue is necessary for any individual to work in another country and it would take for around three weeks to be prepared.

Image may contain: 1 person, playing a sport, standing and outdoor
Kaua in action for Laugu United – Laugu Media

Steven Ofo also said he thinks It is possible to send Kaua again for trials in Europe: “Probably in July if we got finances, then we will send him back because the league in Malta starts in August“. Ofo also said that the Paul Driessen, the responsible for organizing the trials for the player, suggested another move: “Paul suggest that Atkin should go to Norway for trials as their league begins in March. But I told him due to financial problems Atkin has to come back“, stated the Laugu United representative.

Ofo stated the club is worried with their finances, but they hope Laugu can keep backing their players to pursue full professional careers overseas. The financial issue was crucial to make Kaua comeback to Solomon Islands, if not he could get another opportunity as suggested: “We still have to register for the new S-League season that is coming as well“, said Ofo worried about the finances of Laugu United.

It is important to remember Laugu United made his way back to Telekom S-League this season, after more than one decade absent from the top-tier football in Solomon Islands, so the concern of Ofo has its foundantions to keep his side competitive in the next years, then needing a decent financial level to play against teams as Henderson Eels and Solomon Warriors. In 2019 season Laugu counted with important players as Allen Peter, Darold Kakasi and even Atkin Kaua, that helped a lot his side being one of the top goalscorers with 11 goals scored. Laugu finished the season in the 6th position.

Atkin Kaua is expected to travel back Solomon Islands this Tuesday (04th Feb, 2020) with many good football experiences in the bag, to help the development of the 23-year Solomon Islands international and of his countrymen back in his national league.


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