Vito Laloata: I want to develop my talent

Vito Laloata is one of the newest players of Hekari United from Papua New Guinea for 2020. He has recently made his debut for the club and showed a good level of play in the match.

Despite arriving this year, the negotiations started six months ago – “The Pacific Games were played in Samoa last year. I scored a goal against New Zealand and that was the game that Hekari United picked me up because of the skills I had,” he said. Laloata scored three goals in four matches and he was one of the most important Samoan players in the tournament.

He is not the first player from Samoa to play for Hekari United as Andrew Setefano played there in 2011. However Setefano was not linked to Laloata’s transfer to Papua New Guinea – “It was our vice president of Football Federation Samoa Lai Tautiaga,” said Laloata – “I am proud and thankful for receiving this opportunity. It is a way to increase my skills and develop my talent […] There are many Samoan players looking for this kind of opportunity, he added.

Laloata playing for Hekari United against Tusbab Stallions. Source: PNG FA Media

The 23 years old player is one of the most talented players from his country and this is a huge opportunity for him to progress in his career – “My desire is to always have a chance to play by putting all the energy into the game for the sake of the club and providing a good place to host my beloved country Samoa,” he pointed.

It is not known if Laloata will make it to Hekari’s squad for 2020 OFC Champions League or not as Hekari currently count on many foreign players and only four of them can play for a team in the Champions League according to the tournament rules.

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