Ba to prepare for OFC Champions League in New Zealand

After the announcement of the postponement of their next match in the Vodafone Premier League in Fiji, Ba is reported to be travelling soon to New Zealand for a camp in order to prepare for the upcoming OFC Champions League that is set to start in March for the Fijian powerhouse. “This has been confirmed by Fiji Football Association CEO, Mohammed Yusuf who says the teams will play their VPL matches after April“, according to Fijivillage.

Ba squad before CVC clash – FFA Media

Ba already arranged their accomodation in New Zealand, but they are still waiting all documents to be ready in order to travel. Ricki Herbert, that signed recently for Ba to coach then during the OFC Champions League this season, will be certainly one of the responsibles to arrange this good chance for his team to prepare in a place with better football facilities.

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