The reasons for Anthony Talo’s departure from Hekari

The departure of the Solomon Islands goalkeeper Anthony Talo comes with a lot of controversy. The player signed for Hekari United with the intention to reinforce the team’s squad for the upcoming OFC Champions League. Talo signed for Hekari in the beginning of January, but his stint at the PNG powerhouse was very short, playing just one match for the team in the PNG National Soccer League and leaving the club before the start of OFC Champions League.

Talo wearing Hekari United training uniforms

The goalkeeper departed to Solomon Islands for visa renewals alongside his countryman Robert Laua; but only the full back Laua returned to Papua New Guinea to represent Hekari. The official departure of the player was released recently.

Oceania Football Center investigated and found out that the player decided to stay in Solomon Islands for family reasons. The player will also have religious commitments in his country in the upcoming weeks, but it does not seem to be the main reason for leaving Hekari United and dropping the chance to play the OFC Champions League. Talo will be representing his country once again at FIFA Futsal World Cup in September, and he wants to switch his focus to Futsal at the moment.

The ITC (International Transfer Certificate) of the player is still with Hekari United and he is still tied up with the club. Hekari has all rights to ask for transfer fees to release the player to another club in the near future, as the club already bought his return ticket and working visa in Papua New Guinea.

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