Will Micah Lea’alafa play 2020 Futsal World Cup?

It was recently reported by media that Solomon Islands international Micah Lea’alafa returned to his homeland after leaving Maritzburg United from South Africa.

Lea’alafa is currently facing some problems with injuries but there is no doubts that he is one of the most talented players from Solomon Islands. He has a indisputable quality at 11-a-side and futsal. His return is starting to make people think about the possibility of Lea’alafa represent Solomon Islands National Futsal Team in the 2020 FIFA Futsal World cup that will be held in Lithuania in September.

Lea’alafa (left) celebrating a goal against Guatemala in 2012 FIFA Futsal World Cup. Source: FIFA Media

It would not be something new when it comes to Lea’alafa as he already played three futsal world cups: 2008, 2012 and 2016. Obviously that he must be focused on recovering from injury by now but playing the World Cup is a real possibility as he is still part of the National Futsal Team plans according to reliable local sources.

It is not known if the 28-year-old forward will sign with a new team anytime soon but there must be lots of teams looking at his current situation like his former team Auckland City from New Zealand. However he would be ready to represent Kurukuru in the World Cup just like he did in the last three editions.


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