Lautoka’s new attacking trio impresses

Lautoka suffered many blow during the transfer window as they lost some key players like Beniaminio Mateinaqara, Samuela Drudru and Benjamin Totori while there are some reports that Dave Radrigai almost left the team as well. People have been questioning about what would happen to Lautoka after losing so many important players and the answers are being showed in the field.

Radrigai is the only remaining forward from 2019 usual starting eleven as he saw his attacking partners Drudru and Totori leaving the team to join current Vodafone Premier League champions Ba. On the other hand, the Bluez managed to bring new players to team up with Radrigai to keep a good offensive level like Shazil Ali that last played for Ba and Vanuatu international Alex Saniel that came from New Zealand to strengthen Lautoka’s squad.

Bluez could not have a better start. They played two matches and scored twelve goals, six in each game (6-0 against Nasinu and 6-0 against Nadi). Ali, Radrigai and Saniel are having a perfect connection and they scored ten of these twelve goals.

Saniel (left), Radrigai (middle) and Ali (left). Source: Fiji FA Media

The current goal tally is dominated by Lautoka’s forwards. Ali leads the tally with four goals followed by Radrigai and Saniel with three goals each. Atkin Kaua from Nasinu completes the top four with three goals as he scored a hat-trick in the 4-3 loss against Rewa.

The 6-0 win against Nadi at Churchill Park was the last opportunity to watch a Lautoka’s official match before their debut in the 2020 OFC Champions League against Henderson Eels from Solomon Islands that is scheduled to be played on Sunday at Luganville Soccer City Stadium, Vanuatu.


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