Raphael Le’ai: a hope for Henderson Eels

The 2020 OFC Champions League begins this weekend with four matches from two groups. Current Telekom S-League runners-up Henderson Eels will face Lae City from Papua New Guinea in the opening match of the group stage at Luganville Soccer City Stadium in Vanuatu.

Eels count on some experienced forwards like Joses Nawo and Tuti Zama Tanito. However the biggest hopes are being placed on Raphael Le’ai. The young forward is one of the rising stars in Oceania and he has already proved his quality at senior level by scoring 24 goals in 2019-20 Telekom S-League. He finished the Golden Boot race in the first position but he has not received the award yet because there is one match being investigated and it could change the Golden Boot winner.

Raphael Le’ai. Source: SIFF Media

There are lots of expectations on Le’ai and there will be many people looking at him during the Champions League once he is one of the most talented players in the OFC region. A good performance in this tournament can be decisive for him to make the next level in football.

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