Roberson: Brazilian talent ready to shine in Oceania

Roberson Felipe dos Santos Ribeiro is a 28-year-old midfielder from Brazil that is playing for Galaxy FC from Vanuatu since 2019. He arrived in the country in August alongside with two other Brazilian players: Gabriel Santana (that has already left the team) and Diego Máximo that was just returning to Vanuatu after spending his vacations in Brazil.

Roberson (circled) being received at the airport right after arriving in Vanuatu. Source: Galaxy FC Media

He had his first opportunity to play for Galaxy in the 2019 Opening Cup and he scored three goals in the group stage. According to local sources, Roberson impressed the supporters with his abilities and quality. He kept the good level in the 2019-20 PVFA Premier League helping his team with six goals and creating many chances for his teammates.

Roberson (number 10) celebrating a goal with his teammates. Source: Galaxy FC Media

Now it is time to prove himself in the most important competition of Galaxy’s history: The 2020 OFC Champions League. Roberson is surely an important part of the team and he is ready to do great things in OFC Champions League.

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