‘Group of Death’ set to start in Port Moresby

The group A of the OFC Champions League 2020 is set to start in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea this Sunday. The first match of the group will have the Vanuatu representatives Galaxy FC against the current OFC Champions League Hienghène Sport.

The captains of the four Group A teams

The second match of the day, the home crowd will have the chance to support Hekari United against the strong side of Eastern Suburbs from New Zealand in the debut of the former champions after several years of absence in the international stage.

The group A is known for being the group of death of OFC Champions League this year, the only group to have two teams that already won the tournament – Hienghène Sport and Hekari United – and the current New Zealand national champions. The underdogs might Galaxy from Vanuatu, but the current PVFA Premier League Top Four champions comes with a strong full of Ni-Vanuatu internationals and some well-known foreigners, as the Solomon Islander Gagame Feni and the central defender from Brazil, Diego Máximo.

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