Barry Mansale: Hienghène Sport still deserves respect

Galaxy FC has breaken the predictions as they smashed current OFC Champions League winners Hienghène Sport by 4-1. Midfielder Barry Mansale had a good performance in the game. His solidity was very important for Galaxy to keep the control of the game in the midfield.

Mansale talked to Oceania Football Center after the match and he reinforced that the team was focused on the game – “We were ready physically, mentally and spirutually,” he also added that it was a very good game by Galaxy.

Batram Suri: It is not over yet

Barry Mansale playing for Galaxy against Hienghène Sport. Source: OFC Media

The win agaisnt Hienghène was a huge result for Galaxy as they are drawn in a tough group. These three points in the opening round are very important for them once they want to qualify for the next stage.

Despite thrashing Hienghène Sport, Mansale stressed that the New Caledonian side still needs to be respected: “It was a good game […] I am happy we beat our brothers from New Caledonia but they deserve respect”.

Now it is time for Galaxy to repair some mistakes and get ready for their next match against Eastern Suburbs on Wednesday.

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