Eastern Suburbs beat Hekari United in the best match of 2020 Champions League so far

Hekari United debuted in the 2020 OFC Champions League against Eastern Suburbs from New Zealand in a very interesting match. Both teams had good strategies but Suburbs won the three points at the final whistle.

The Papua New Guinean side came to the pitch with an offensive squad. David Muta and Vinicius had a good control of the midfield and both players led Hekari’s offensive actions. The defensive line was very high and it helped Eastern Suburbs as they found plenty of space behind the defenders. Suburbs took advantage of the situation and opened the scoreboard with lethal striker Martin Bueno as Hekari defense failed to play the offside trap.

Despite the goal the match remained interesting. The 2010 OFC Champions League winners kept the ball possession and they started to find lots of space in the Suburbs’ defense. Hekari’s goal happened when Patrick Aisa found Ati Kepo free after an amazing through ball. Kepo tried to dribble Suburbs’ goalkeeper Danyon Drake but he could not pass him. However the ball has fallen into Kolu Kepo’s feet and he scored an outstandig goal to tie the match.

Hekari’s happiness did not last so long as Martin Bueno found the net for the second time after a confusion in the box to put the New Zealand side ahead in the late minutes of the first half.

Bueno scored a brace for the Lilywhites – OFC Media

The second half started with some different attitude from Hekari as Brazilian midfielder Vinicius started to play closer to the defenders while David Muta moved forward. However it did not last long as Muta saw his second yellow card in the match and was sent off in the 53rd minute after fouling Adam Thomas.

It was not a big second half. Hekari United tried to keep attacking while Eastern Suburbs tried to hold the win and that is what happened. The New Zealand side won by 2-1 with two goals scored by Martin Bueno in their first ever match in OFC Champions League. You can check the goals in the video below:

The next matchday is scheduled to be played on Wednesday. Suburbs will face Galaxy while Hekari faces Hienghène Sport that lost in the opening round by 4-1.

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