Frank Ruben: quality that comes from the bench

Galaxy FC won Hienghène Sport by 4-1 in their debut at 2020 OFC Champions League. The goals were scored by Roberson, Gagame Feni, Terence Carter and Kensi Tangis. However there is a player that came from the bench in the second half that must be highlighted because he had a tremendous performance: Frank Ruben.

Frank Ruben

Ruben is one of the Galaxy’s newcomers for this tournament. The 23-year-old midfielder came from Yatel alongside with Malakai Makito to represent the Blues in the Champions League. Makito remained on the bench against Hienghène while Ruben joined the pitch in the 70th minute to replace former Tafea midfielder Eddison Stephen.

Despite playing only 20 minutes, Ruben had an impressive performance and he was a game changer for Galaxy. He showed off his passing skills and he was a key player in the second half as he helped his team to keep the control of the midfield.

Galaxy’s third goal only happened because he delievered an outstanding pass to find Henry Namatak in the right wing who crossed to Terence Carter that scored from inside the box.

Ball’s trajectory (in red) and Namatak run (in blue). Source: MyCujoo

He still had time to deliever a magnificent long ball to Kensi Tangis who scored Galaxy fourth and last goal. You can check this marvelous pass in the video below (from 0:50 to 1:00)

Ruben is proving that he was a great signing for Galaxy. If he keeps the good level he can join the fight for a spot in Vanuatu National Football Team squad for 2020 OFC Nations Cup as he has already represented his country at U20 and U17 levels.

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