Daniel Joe: we are confident for the next match

Hekari United is getting ready for their last match in the OFC Champions League group stage. The third and last challenge of the Papua New Guinean club is against Galaxy FC from Vanuatu on Saturday.

After losing to Eastern Suburbs in the opening day, they had a tough match against current OFC Champions League winners Hienghène Sport. Hekari was very close to the win but they saw the three points running away from their hands when Joseph Athalé scored from the penalty box in the 83rd minute to seal the 2-2 draw – “It was a very hard game against the defending champions,” said Daniel Joe.

Daniel Joe training.

One of the biggest points of this match was David Muta’s absence as he was sent off against Eastern Suburbs. Wilson Giasuau was the man in charge of replacing the 32-year-old midfielder and he did a good job – “We miss his leadership and experience but I think that Wilson Giasuau did really well in that role,” pointed Joe.

With their hero’s absence, Hekari needed to find other heroes against Hienghène Sport. Fortunately they not only found one but found two: Erick Joe and Vinícius Kryzozun. The Brazilian duo saved the day as they scored one goal each and it keeps them alive in the competition. Their quality impresses everyone, including their teammates – “They bring a lot of quality and flavours to the Champions League as well as lifting the standard of the competition.” stated Joe about the two players from Brazil.

The draw against Hienghène was not the best result, but the Papua New Guineans still have chances to qualify but it is a hard task for Hekari – “The next match is very important to us but we are confidnet“. Currently in the third position with only one point, the Papua New Guineans are in a difficult situation because winning by one goal is not enogh for them – “We have to win by two or more goals to qualify for the next stage“. It is important to point that Galaxy also has a powerful team so Hekari need to be very careful on defense while they need to score as much as they can in attack.

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