Will Telekom S-League have 10 teams next season?

Telekom S-League board announced that they are looking for applicants for a new team to make a 10-club league in the next season of the national football league from Solomon Islands.

The current season of U19 Telekom S-League counts on ten teams: nine teams that played the Senior S-League (Guadalcanal, Henderson Eels, Isabel United, Kossa, Laugu United, Malaita Kingz, Marist, Real Kakamora, Solomon Warriors) and Renbel FC.

The 2019-20 senior edition counted on nine teams including two newcomers. Isabel United and Laugu United had great debut seasons and now it is time to look for one more team to increase the number of Telekom S-League participants.

Telekom S-League logo.

Western United did not play the last season after finishing 2018 Telekom S-League in the fifth position.

It is not known if the next edition will really count on 10 teams but it would be good to see more and more teams taking part of the major football competition from Solomon Islands.


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