Georges Gope-Fenepej gets injured again

New Caledonia international Georges Gope-Fenepej suffered another injury on this Friday. The 31-year-old player left the pitch in the first half after being touched by an opponent in the 2-1 win against EA Guingamp.

Fenepej playing for Le Mans. Source: Le Mans Media

Fenepej was named for Le Mans’ starting eleven for the second straight match but he was not so luck in the clash against EA Guingamp as he got injured in the beginning of the match. He was replaced by Vincent Créhin in the 18th minute when Le Mans was already winning the game by 1-0.

There is no news about the severity of this injury however it is known that Fenepej has been suffering from injuries recently. Le Mans is in the 19th position in French Ligue 2 and they are very close of being relegated to the third tier of French football.

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