Ifira Black Bird wins 2020 PVFA Opening Cup

Port Vila Municipal Stadium hosted the 2020 PVFA Opening Cup finals this Saturday. Two matches were played to decide the champions and the final positions in the tournament.

In the opening match Tupuji Imere faced a young Erakor Golden Star squad in the third place match. Tupuji built a good advantage in the beginning of the match by scoring two goals but this advantage was blown as Erakor found the net twice to tie the game in the late minutes of the first half.

Tupuji managed to score two more goals in the second half while Erakor scored only one. The final score was 4-3 for Tupuji Imere that finished the tournament in the third position. Azariah Soromon was a key player in this match as he scored two important goals to help his team to win the clash.

Tafea and Ifira Black Bird clashed in the final contest. Jordy Tasip opened the scoreboard for Tafea in the first half but they saw Ifira reaching the top as Samuel Kaloros and Sam Kalter found the net to seal the 2-1 win.

Ifira and Tafea captains before the match. Source: Vanuatu Sports News

Now it is time to turn the attention to the Port Vila Premier League that must resume in March. Ifira Black Bird and Tafea still have a lot to prove if they want to win the league as both teams are tied in the first position with eighteen points in nine matches.


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