Roy Krishna and ATK suffer major blow in India

ATK visited Bengaluru FC at Sree Kanteerava Stadium in the first leg of 2019-20 Indian Super League semifinals. Despite having 63% of ball possession, the team from Kolkata failed to score and lost by 1-0 as they had only one shot on target while Bengaluru took advantage from counter-attacking situations.

Fijian forward Roy Krishna was ATK’s captain in the match but he did not perform well as he lost the ball for many times and he also did not have a good record on passing and shooting.

Krishna (fallen) did not perform well against Bengaluru FC

The second leg will be played in Kolkata on Sunday. Krishna and ATK will have the tough mission to reverse their disadvantage. It is time for the Fijian star prove his real value by being decisive in the crunch time.

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