AS Vénus start OFC Champions League campaign with a convincing win over Lupe o le Soaga

Samoans and Tahitians clashed in a bad pitch in the opening round of 2020 OFC Champions League Group D and AS Vénus grabbed all three points by beating Lupe o le Soaga by 6-0.

Lupe o le Soaga had a good start by creating some chances but they could not attack well in the second part of the first half. Their luck finished in the 30th minute when Tamatoa Tetauira found the net with the help of Lupe’s goalkeeper Zane Green after a confusion in the box. The Samoan side did not have time to recover as Teaonui Tehau made a beautiful one-two play with a teammate to extend the lead in the 32nd munute.

Teaonui Tehau scored AS Vénus’ second goal. Source: FTF Media

The second half was not different: The rain kept pouring and Vénus kept scoring. They scored two goals in a row to set a 4-0 lead in the 50th minute. Lupe o le Soaga tried hard but they could not hold the Tahitians that still had time found the net for the fifth time.

Tamatoa had an unforgettable day as he scored his third goal to set a hat-trick by heading the ball into the net after Teaonui Tehau’s cross.

The Samoans now have an impossible mission against Auckland City while AS Vénus will face Ba from Fiji in the next gameday.

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