AS Vénus will count on home crowd against Auckland as Stade de Mahina is cleared for second matchday

The second matchday of OFC Champions League group D will have a new venue – the expected venue before the start of the tournament. Stade de Mahina is cleared for the rest of the competition after heavy rains made the pitch unplayable for the first two matches of the pool.

The both 6-0 matches were played at Stade Pater, Pirae – something about 10km away from Mahina, where AS Vénus home stadium is placed. This means Auckland City will have one more hurdle to overcome as they will face the current Tahitian champions in front of their home crowd.

Image may contain: outdoor
Stade de Mahina – AS Vénus media

The remaining two sides of the group will also play in Mahina; Ba and Lupe o le Soaga are set to play for their lives in the regional competition before the big match of the day that will see Vénus challenge the powerhouse from New Zealand.

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